Mac Restart X

Mac Restart X 1.6.1

Restart your Mac at scheduled time

Internal improvements


  • Internal improvements

If you need to restart your Mac on a regular basis or just one time at a specific date and time Mac Restart X is the right solution. To restart on a specific date time you can set it using the amazing new Calendar control available in Mac OS X 10.4 aka Tiger (this is the reason Mac Restart X requires minimum Mac OS X 10.4) and using this new control is really amazing. It is standard by Apple inside Mac OS X 10.4 and Mac Restart X is one of the first applications to use it!


  • Native for Mac OS X in Cocoa
  • Universal Application native for PPC Mac and Intel Mac
  • Easy to use and powerful
  • Don't slow down your Mac when in background
  • Amazing new Date Time Calendar control (native for Tiger)
  • Warns you 120 sec before restart showing a progress bar or jumping from the dock.
  • "Scheduled" or "On Date" Restart
  • Can be set to be restarted on 31 Dec 9999 if you need a long interval before restart ... in case you have complex long tasks to be accomplished

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Mac Restart X


Mac Restart X 1.6.1

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